Sales in Agroplast Tim has been developed in two directions through wholesale and retail.

Offer goods traded :


Wholesale daily serving sales area. Keeping in mind the needs of our customers in the warehouses stock up enough stock to meet the market at any time.
Commercial wholesale cares about customer buying trends and so placed goods always the one that is required by the needs of our customers and quality.
In addition to selling goods on the domestic market we are present with the export of goods to countries in the region, Montenegro , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and other …

Wholesale is available for warehouse and distribution service that reaches your customer service from 1 – 25t .

The Agroplast Team Ltd. operate two retail store .

Retail Shop No.1 – Svete Popovića bb , UB
Retail Shop No.2 – Cara Lazara 70 , Obrenovac

Ljubisav Timotić

Radovan Pantelić
retail manager
+381 (0) 63 649 042